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Sowing the Seed of Truth: Orthodox Quaker Sermons of Murray Shipley (1873-1876)

Due to the Religious Society of Friends’ tradition of impromptu preaching, very few nineteenth-century sermon collections are available to individuals interested in examining what was actually said in Quaker meetinghouses on Sunday mornings.

This book addresses that gap. It’s an edited transcription of 35 sermons by the Cincinnati minister Murray Shipley, along with introductory material that places these messages in the context of a particularly turbulent period in American Quakerism.

This book will be available from Friends United Press. You can read excerpts here.

Friends Past and Present: The Bicentennial History of Cincinnati Friends Meeting (1815-2015)

This book provides an in-depth look at Cincinnati Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, how it has changed over the past two centuries, and how it fits into broader trends in Quaker history, Cincinnati history, and American history. From opposing slavery, to founding such local institutions as The Children’s Home, to advocating for peace and civil rights, the members of this meeting have made an impact that continues to be felt.

This book is available from in both soft cover and Kindle versions.