The Home of the Brave

I think it takes a certain amount of bravery to try a new thing (says the woman who recently declined to dine at a particular restaurant because its menu seemed too adventurous). So I must tip my hat to Brent Bill for venturing into new territory with Amity, his collection of short stories that will be available at the end of the year. (You can pre-order it now; I was lucky enough to get a pre-publication copy!)

Brent has been writing for many years and is well known for spiritually oriented non-fiction works such as Sacred Compass. But Amity is something new for him, a new genre, a new means of communicating his message.

In the Acknowledgements, Brent mentions that he’s been telling stories for years, and writing them down for years, but this is the first time they’ve found their way into print. It takes gumption to put yourself out there and do something different, something unexpected, and yet fully in line with the work you feel led to do. I wish him well!

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  1. Thanks, Sabrina!


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